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Promoting inclusivity through pronoun awareness is essential to fostering a welcoming environment for all. Find here some practical steps to contribute to the creation of inclusive spaces.

Daily interactions

Share your pronouns

Introduce yourself using your pronouns, e.g., “Hi, I’m Alex, and I use he/him pronouns.” This practice encourages others to share theirs.
Encourage pronoun usage in your daily interactions and meetings. If you’re leading a group or a class, create opportunities for everyone to share their pronoun.

Use gender-neutral language

When uncertain about someone’s pronouns or when their gender is irrelevant, using ‘they’ as a gender-neutral pronoun is a respectful practice. Practising this approach in your everyday communications is important to ensure you are not misgendering someone based on assumptions.

Inclusive practices

Encourage pronoun sharing in meetings and classes. This will set a positive example and encourage others to be mindful of pronoun usage.

Online assets

You can also include your pronouns on your online accounts.

Promoting understanding

Creating learning opportunities

Use your role at BCIT to educate and influence others about the importance of pronouns, turning everyday interactions into teachable moments.

Questioning or exploring gender identity

If someone is questioning or exploring their gender identity, be a respectful and attentive listener, use their chosen pronouns, and offer support through resources or support services.