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The International Student Entry Program (ISEP) is an academic English language program that prepares students for success at BCIT, and helps them to meet the English requirements of a full-time BCIT Program.

Delivery Mode: ONLINE

  • This program will be delivered online during COVID-19.
  • Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from BCIT.

ISEP Update – Winter 2021

As a leader in educational technology, we have created an online program that uses the best parts of online learning. We understand that learning online is different than in the classroom and we have created an ideal balance of face-to-face learning with online flexibility. Our program allows students to work and learn when it is best for them. At the same time, our program provides the benefits of working live with our instructors to progress quickly.

Here is an introduction to ISEP online from one of our instructors:

The challenges created by COVID-19 have given ISEP the opportunity to produce a truly exceptional online program.

  • While ISEP classes are delivered online, students can study from outside of Canada.
    • Students outside of Canada must provide proof that they have applied for a study permit.
    • Students in Canada with a valid study permit can start studying at ISEP in the term they applied for.
    • Students in Canada without a study permit must provide proof of their valid status (visitor visa or work permit) and study permit application.
  • Students who apply to ISEP can now take an online placement test and find out their ISEP level before they pay tuition. It is no longer necessary to take the test in person on the BCIT campus.
  • After taking a placement test, a student can plan and schedule their studies so they can better prepare for entrance into a BCIT full-time program. Students who know their ISEP level can start their ISEP courses when it is convenient.

Placement Testing

ISEP launched its new online placement test in August 2020. Students take the test online at a day and time of their choosing, up to the placement test deadline for their first term.

Note: In addition to the ISEP placement test, ISEP is temporarily accepting results from the following tests:

We recommend that all students take the ISEP placement test to be most accurately placed.

For more information or to register for the ISEP placement test, please email

ISEP Info Sheet [PDF]

ISEP Program Calendar 2021 [PDF]

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Contact Us

ISEP – International Student Entry Program

BCIT Downtown Campus
Room 790 – 555 Seymour Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 3H6, Canada


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