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Applied Network Administration and Design, ANAD is aimed at two audiences with related industry experience.

a) Network administrators who set user policies, access and security to ensure systems and data are protected from loss, compromise or failure.

b) Network designers who evaluate and select the appropriate hardware and operating system components to meet user and business needs.

Program delivery mode: varies by course

  • Please check the individual COMP course schedule pages for delivery and location details.
  • Some courses in Computing Part-time Studies will be delivered online during COVID-19.
  • Other courses will be physically face to face and may include some blended online activities.
  • It may not be possible to complete a program entirely online, some courses may require attending the Burnaby or Downtown campuses.

Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from BCIT.

ANAD starts with COMP 1002 -Applied Computer Concepts, students are then introduced to Linux, data communication and LAN theory with Enterprise Networking Fundamentals.

Participants acquire industry-standard network design skills using a variety of tools in labs and exercises. Instruction is provided by subject matter experts and local industry practitioners.

Required courses include Windows 10, Linux, MS Windows Server Administration, IT Security Fundamentals, and Applied Network Security. Electives include Power Shell Scripting and Linux Administration.

The final course COMP 4912 – Applied Virtual Networks allows participants to design and evaluate multi-platform PC based networks. There are job opportunities for Network professionals who have technical abilities as well as interpersonal and communication skills.

ANAD was developed primarily to validate prior networking experience.

Entrance Requirements

  • BC High School Grade 12 English and Grade 12 Math, or equivalent knowledge.
  • Prior post-secondary education and/or related work experience.

ANAD was developed for a specific audience, those who have prior education or experience and connections in this related field.

This program is aimed at mature students with other post-secondary education, and work experience looking to validate their knowledge, or those with connections to potential employers.

Students without related network experience or higher-level technical education are not candidates for Network Administrator roles.

ANAD is not designed for those students just out of high school with no other education or work experience, those students should consider completing a Diploma or Degree from BCIT in order to be well-positioned in the job market.

Note: This program is not designed to be completed in a Full-time delivery as each course has prerequisites and PTS scheduling varies from term to term. Depending on program start dates most students cannot complete ANAD in less than 4 terms due to prerequisites and the scheduling of part-time courses.

Please contact the department for course planning:

Start with just one course:

Complete COMP 1002 Applied Computer Concepts
prior to COMP 2629 – Enterprise Networking Fundamentals

Please complete COMP 2629 prior to declaring your program.

Students who have completed or who are in working toward BCIT’s School of Energy’s Network Administrator Technician, NAT – Associate Certificate will not be approved for Applied Network Administration and Design, ANAD due to learning outcome duplication.

Costs & Supplies

All Computing Part-time Studies programs are course by course registration.

Students should have a personal computer with internet access capable of running MS Windows 10.

There are typically only 8 courses required to complete ANAD.

Students should budget $5,000 for tuition.

The average tuition cost for each PTS course is around $500-$700 per course plus books.

Specific textbooks are required at an additional cost, some courses also have lower cost eBook options.

International students will pay much higher tuition and should budget around $16,000 for ANAD.

Typical part-time students may complete the ANAD over 4-5 terms or 1.5 years with 2 courses per term depending on when they start.

This would equate to an average workload of 25+ hours per week between class time, reading and homework with 2 courses per term.

Attendance and participation are mandatory, students who skip classes or who do not participate may be dropped from a COMP course.


Please register early to avoid disappointment, our networking courses are very popular and fill weeks or months in advance.


Program Details

ANAD is course by course registration and was not designed for students on limited timelines. Due to prerequisites and scheduling, this program could take 5-6 terms to complete, depending on the term started and elective chosen.

Due to prerequisites and scheduling it is typically not possible to complete this part-time program in less than 4 terms, at night and on weekends.

Note: Part-time Studies was not designed for full-time delivery or for those on funding timelines.

Registration is course by course, each course has specific prerequisites, and some courses are only offered once per year.

COMP 2767 – Linux Administration is only offered once a year in April and requires COMP 2766.

COMP 4704 – Applied Network Security is only offered in September and requires COMP 3704.

COMP 4912 – Applied Virtual Networks is only offered in January and requires COMP 4704.

After a foundation of data communication and network theory, hands-on labs are used to set up, install and administer network servers. Students learn how to implement administrative policies, security measures and develop plans for disaster recovery. Introduction to Linux and MS Windows Server Administration are required courses.

The program currently is 26 credits and must be completed within a 5 year period.

Some core and elective courses are also in the Part-time Studies Computer Systems Diploma.

Industry certification

Students are taught many of the topics covered in the CompTIA Net+, Linux LPI, Microsoft Server MCP, and CompTIA Security+ exams, which are available through third parties for additional fees*. Please note that the focus of these related COMP courses is to gain hands-on experience. Any industry or vendor certification will require additional self-study.


Elective courses provide options to understand multiple technologies,

*Industry exams are independent of BCIT credentials. These exams may be purchased for additional costs, from various third parties.

Students will also require additional preparation and studying in order to pass these industry certification exams.


Computer hardware and Internet requirements

Students must provide a current model PC desktop or laptop with a webcam, microphone and have high-speed internet access. COMP courses may use two-way audio and video as well as group work outside of class.

WARNING: Using your only or work-related PC is not a good idea as systems and data could be erased. Multiple computers are required as operating systems are installed and configurations are changed. Please have additional computers to use for installing operating systems and changing configurations during this program.

BCIT curriculum may be modified in accordance with market trends in the industry.

Graduating & Jobs

Graduates of this program are able to to evaluate, integrate, set-up and administer current technologies for secure enterprise network solutions.

Faculty, Advisors & Staff

BCIT Computing, Part-Time Studies networking courses are delivered by subject matter experts who work in the field as IT professionals.

Several of our instructors are graduates of BCIT’s Computer Systems Technology, CST Diploma or Degree and have work related experience in their field.

Advisory committee

This associate certificate was developed by Kevin Cudihee – Program Head for PTS, in conjunction with subject matter experts: Farshad Abasi, Chi -En Huang, Fraser Robertson, Pal Singh, Steve Overland, Steven Ng, Karim Lalji and Masoud Fereidonian. Additional courses were developed by Sean Nelson.

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