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Open and ethical team chat


Mattermost is a chat tool for real-time and asynchronous communication and collaboration. Instant messages and threaded discussions can coexist in an “anytime” environment. You and your teammates can chat publicly or privately with each other and in groups; share files; and tag messages for easier searching later. The Mattermost platform is supported by the OpenETC.

  • Mattermost provides a secure text chat community for open education purposes. It is an open source alternative to corporate tools like Slack, WhatsApp, and Microsoft Teams.
  • Mattermost is an example of a low bandwidth technology. Learn more about low-bandwidth technology and its benefits to students.
  • Mattermost is open source.
  • Mattermost is FIPPA compliant (it follows provincial privacy policy) and all data is stored in Canada.
  • In Mattermost, you can: make a discussion community, create public channels and private groups, chat directly with someone in your course, share files and images, use emoji and emoji reactions, participate in threaded discussions.
  • Mattermost also supports Boards, a project management tool that helps organize tasks and facilitate collaboration using a collection of cards.
  • Mattermost Playbooks are pre-configured checklists for teams to help complete repetitive workflows together.

A team refers to a specific group of people in Mattermost who want to collaborate together. Each team gets access to a private virtual space where members can interact and share content.

Teams must be requested through the OpenETC using the form below.

Questions or need help?

Contact Ian Linkletter, Emerging Technology & Open Education Librarian.