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One of the most popular platforms for publishing and sharing open textbooks is with Pressbooks, which faculty and staff at BCIT have access to through BCcampus for their openly licensed projects.

Pressbooks is a self-publishing platform built on top of WordPress which allows you to create content once and then make it available in many formats including a website, PDF document, EPUB (usable in most eReaders), MOBI (for Kindle readers), and more. Pressbooks is a great platform for sharing since students can access books in different ways depending on what their needs and preferences are. In addition to textbooks, it’s also good for ancillary resources such as guides or lab manuals.

Examples of Pressbooks created at BCIT

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LaTeX Support

Struggling with LaTeX? Need help writing an equation? BCcampus offers support for faculty who need help figuring out how to use LaTeX in their Pressbook.

BCcampus Latex Support

Additional Resources

UBC Open Textbook Publishing Guide
The Open Textbook Publishing Guide was created to assist people engaging in an open textbook publishing project. The guide is arranged into phases of the publishing process from planning to creating content to collecting data about the impact of the publication. The guide provides you with sample project planning templates; workflows for text design and structure; and communication and networking practices for your project.