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The mining industry is booming with over eight new mines either operating or under construction in BC since 2011. We developed the training to meet the demand. Become a certified Assayer.

British Columbia has run a successful Assayers Certification Program since 1895. Authorized in the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Act the program ensures that assayers practicing in British Columbia meet the high standards of competency required by the mining and securities industries. Since 1995 the program has been administered by a partnership between government, the assaying industry BCIT.

The program is unique because B.C. is the only mining jurisdiction in the world which requires assayers to pass a rigorous practical examination for certification. Candidates are examined by an independent Board of Examiners, appointed by the Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources and drawn from educators and industry.

Take any part of the Assayer Training program as a refresher or for an opportunity to advance your career. We offer courses that focus on both theory and lab practicums through distance education, online, evening classes and workshops.

Choose from the courses listed below and register to begin or advance your career as an Assayer.


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