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Flexible Learning (Part-time Studies) Courses

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses over the next two terms. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

CourseSpring/Summer 2023Fall 2023
Accounting for the Manager (FMGT 1152) MaybeYes
Advanced Business Operations Systems in Access (BSYS 4061) NoNo
Advanced Lean Concepts (OPMT 2710) MaybeYes
Advanced Production and Inventory Management - CPIM Part 2 (APIC 2262) MaybeNo
Basics of Supply Chain - CPIM Part 1 (APIC 1161) MaybeNo
Business Data Management with MS Access-Microsoft 365 for Windows (BSYS 2061) YesYes
Business Mathematics (OPMT 1110) YesYes
Business Operations Modelling with Excel (BSYS 4051) NoNo
Business Process Improvement (OPMT 2298) YesYes
Business and Technical Reports (COMM 2203) MaybeYes
Canada Customs and Free Trade Agreements (TDMT 1409) MaybeYes
Enterprise Performance Management (OPMT 4699) MaybeYes
Facility Planning and Design (OPMT 1193) MaybeYes
International Business Practices (BUSA 4500) NoNo
Introduction to Business Data Analytics with MS Excel-MS 365 for Windows (BSYS 2051) YesYes
Introduction to Business and Technical Communication (COMM 1103) YesYes
Introduction to Lean Concepts (OPMT 1710) NoYes
Introduction to Sustainable Business Management (BSUS 1110) MaybeYes
Inventory Planning and Control (OPMT 1192) MaybeYes
Leading People and Teams Across Cultures (BUSA 4705) MaybeYes
Logistics, Transportation and Distribution Certification (APIC 1181) NoNo
Operations Management Fundamentals (OPMT 1198) MaybeYes
Principles of Management (BUSA 2005) MaybeYes
Project Management Essentials (OPMT 1187) YesYes
Purchasing (OPMT 1191) MaybeYes
Quality Management Fundamentals (OPMT 1106) MaybeYes
Supervisory Skills (BUSA 1305) MaybeYes
Supply Chain Professional Certification (CSCP) (APIC 1191) MaybeYes
Warehouse Management 1 (OPMT 1175) MaybeMaybe
Warehouse Management 2 (OPMT 2275) MaybeYes
Workplace Health & Safety (HRMG 2805) MaybeYes