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Inventory Planning and Control OPMT 1192

Operations Management Course

Course details

This course presents and examines inventory concepts as applied in manufacturing and distribution environments and the inter-relationships between them. It covers the following: objectives, planning levels, demand types, forecasting, order point systems, MRP, different costing types, ABC analysis, purchasing, capacity and warehouse controls. Students will be encouraged to apply these concepts at their workplaces.


  • No prerequisites are required for this course.




$516.18 - $554.93 See individual course offerings below for actual costs.

Course offerings

Winter 2023

Below are two offerings of OPMT 1192 for the Winter 2023 term.

CRN 88318


Mon Jan 09 - Mon Apr 03 (12 weeks)

  • 12 weeks
  • CRN 88318
  • $516.18
Class meeting times
Dates Days Times Locations
Jan 09 - Apr 03 Mon 18:30 - 21:30 Online

Wayne Arondus

Course outline

Course outline TBD — see Learning Outcomes in the interim.



Important information
  1. Internet delivery format.
  2. No class on February 20

CRN 12011


Tue Jan 10 - Tue Mar 28 (12 weeks)

  • 12 weeks
  • CRN 12011
  • $554.93
Class meeting times
Dates Days Times Locations
Jan 10 - Mar 28 Tue 18:45 - 21:45 Burnaby NE01 Rm. 422

Wayne Arondus

Course outline

Course outline TBD — see Learning Outcomes in the interim.




Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Understand the conflicts between marketing (sales) finance and production when controlling supply, manufacturing planning, and physical distribution
  • Understand the hierarchy of controls as it relates to manufacturing - (SP, PP, MPS, MRP, PAC)
  • Know the basis of planning systems, achieving forecasts (budgets) and keeping desired inventory levels
  • Apply a master production schedule (MPS) to form the link between production planning and manufacturing, scheduling and load leveling
  • Establish a material requirements plan (MRP) using lead time and capacities
  • Recognize the importance of Capacity Planning and Capacity Management
  • Use the master production schedule and the materials requirements plan to release orders through the production activity control (PAC)
  • Know how and when to purchase at the right time and the right amount
  • Understand the fundamentals of forecasting techniques
  • Understand the functions of warehousing, distribution and transportation classifications
  • Know how to create effective physical controls and security of stock, inventory accuracy and records
  • Learn important formulas to calculate Order points, Safety Stock, Economic Order Quantities and other inventory parameters
  • Recognize the importance of inventory management and the effects it has on the business from all aspects including cash flow, aging accounts, purchasing and Owners Equity
  • Analyze the requirements for effective warehouse management, including the main elements to consider when determining the size, location, layout and material handling equipment
  • Understand basic principles of accounting and how to manages a company with the strategic business plan, S&OP planning through to the PP, MPS and MRP
  • Understand basic metrics and KPI's to effectively manage the different levels of the business to achieve the overall business strategic plans

Effective as of Winter 2021

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