1. Consult the training schedule to find a date that is suitable to both you and your employer. Please schedule each level of your technical training at least 8 months apart to benefit most from your training.

  2. Complete an Apprentice Training Request Form [PDF] and submit by fax, mail or in person with a $200 commitment fee for each level that you choose. You may also register by phone at 604-456-8100.

  3. Within 2 weeks of submitting your training request, a letter will be mailed to your home address. This letter details information on how to sign on to myBCIT, your one stop shop for BCIT apprentice communication. myBCIT is where you will receive your training confirmation details. Please see my communication for more information. To forward your myBCIT email to your preferred email account, please follow these instructions.

Please note the following:

Important Information for Apprentices

BCIT welcomes apprentice training requests from Canadian citizens and permanent residents. View programs that accept international students

You must be an active apprentice registered with the Industry Training Authority to register for apprenticeship training at BCIT.

Apprentices must complete each level of apprentice training in sequential order. For example, apprentices must complete level one before continuing to level two.

Apprentice Training Request Forms are scheduled on a first come, first served basis.

Please be advised that upon registration into an apprentice technical training date, BCIT Apprentice Services reserves the right to communicate with your employer about your training dates, grades, attendance, and related academic information for purposes of scheduling intakes and administering the apprentice programs. If you have any questions about the protection of your personal information, you may contact the BCIT Information Access and Privacy Office.