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Rights, Responsibilities, & Safety

Student Rights & Responsibilities

You have a right to a safe and respectful education. The Respect, Diversity, and Inclusion office supports BCIT’s commitment to providing a learning and working environment free from discrimination, bullying, and harassment.

Respect, Diversity, and Inclusion

Student Association (BCITSA) advocates are available to provide confidential, unbiased services to current, former, or prospective BCIT students, and other members of the BCIT community. Contact a BCITSA advocate for information, advice, intervention, and referrals related to your rights and responsibilities.

BCITSA Advocacy

Know what’s expected of you as a student; make sure you’re familiar with BCIT’s code of Student Conduct.

Student Conduct

BCIT has a range of policies that support the rights and responsibilities of all BCIT community members. Take the time to browse all of BCIT’s policies online. Several policies related to your rights and responsibilities are highlighted below.

Safety & Security

From emergency response to the Safer Walk program and Safety Wise app, Safety and Security will ensure your safety on campus. Visit Safety, Security, and Emergency Management, or see the direct links below to learn about key safety and security services.