BCIT Taught Me How to Learn The Technical Material So That I Can Continue to Advance My Knowledge.

Chris Webb, a 2003 graduate of BCIT’s Telecommunications Technician program, had a pretty good idea of where she was headed when she began her studies. She was working as a dispatcher for Navigata Communications, a telecommunications company based in North Vancouver. “The technicians were making way more money and had greater freedom, and I realized that I could do what they were doing.” Her employer must have thought she was capable too – Chris continued to work while she completed her studies, and took on a field technician job as she neared graduation.

BCIT was a lot of hard work. “During the second year, I was a little sleep-deprived,” says Chris. But she did find time to make some lasting friendships. Chris notes she keeps in touch with many of her fellow students from her BCIT days.

Two years ago, Chris left Navigata to begin her current position - Engineering Technician, CPS Business Solutions at Telus Communications. Her job is project-based and involves the design, planning, programming and verification of PBX (private branch exchange) systems for business customers. The PBX is basically an in-house phone switch which connects the company internal phone system to the public system. Chris works with the customer to make sure they get all the features they need from their telephone system.

Chris is pretty proud of the work she does at Telus. “Customers and co-workers have confidence in my abilities and request that I work on future projects with them.” In her two years on the job there, she has obtained her Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) certificate, and has an Avaya Certified Specialist (2nd level) designation. She also likes the stability of her current job. “I have a good job, with a stable company, making a wage I can live with.”

Chris credits BCIT for helping her to further her career. “BCIT taught me how to learn the technical material so that I can continue to advance my knowledge.”