The TTED program offers exposure to all teachable subject areas

StudentMeet Jemma Vaale. She is a graduate of the TTED program in 2015. She is now teaching in her hometown high school Correlieu Secondary in Quesnel, BC.

The TTED program educates the middle and secondary school Technology Education teachers. Influenced by her father who graduated from the program in 1992, Jemma, her brother and her sister all completed the program. She felt the education was remarkable with exposure to all teachable subject areas and great instructors, which created the ideal atmosphere for absorbing information and developing new skills (or honing on old ones).

"It was such an honor to be taught by the professionals in the TTED faculty, all of whom are experts in their field, but also exceptional educators. I wish I could go through the program again!”

Jemma is doing a little influencing of her own these days. Her husband will be the 7th person in our family to choose this extremely fun and rewarding career and has registered for the program.

The TTED program is a two year diploma program and is in partnership with UBC of where they complete a third year in the professional teacher education program, giving the students a Bachelor of Education Degree.

Check out the program details and apply now.

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