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What’s this area about?

The processes and the systems used in these power plants are complex and diverse. Some employees work their entire career in one small section of the process, never seeing, much less understanding, the importance and impact of how problems in one area affect another, or how a small variance from specifications causes huge dollar losses for the corporation. Many employers recognize the benefit of employing knowledgeable workers who understand the full spectrum of the plant. It is a fact that managers and executives also make better decisions when the big picture is understood from a technical perspective.


We are the exclusive provider and developer of this one-of-a-kind Certificate program that can be taken one module at a time. It is a highly respected program developed in cooperation with Georgia Pacific, and adopted by other large organizations.

What can BCIT offer?

The program is available in distance education format—self study—with online tests.

The Basic Power Plant Training program consists of seventeen modules covering critical areas of the plant including:

  • Boilers
  • Instrumentation and control systems
  • Water
  • Steam
  • Condensate systems
  • Auxiliary systems

Here are the module titles:

  1. Overview of the Pulp and Paper making Process
  2. Overview of the Power and Recovery areas
  3. Introduction to Boilers
  4. Power Plant Science
  5. Instrumentation
  6. Oil and Gas Fired Boilers
  7. Stoker Fired Boilers
    1. Wood Waste
    2. Coal
  8. Pulverized Coal Firing
  9. Ash Removal Systems
  10. Boiler Controls
  11. Power Plant Auxiliary Equipment
  12. Water Processing and Conditioning
  13. Steam Distribution System
  14. Condensate System
  15. Boiler Feed water System
  16. Steam Turbines
  17. Electrical Production and Distribution

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