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Overhead projectors

All overhead projectors have a spare bulb. If the overhead projector bulb does not illuminate, try switching to the spare bulb:

  • turn the main power switch off
  • push/pull the lever or turn the dial to the spare bulb
  • turn the main power switch on
  • report the burnt out bulb to AV Services so that we can service it


Many classrooms are being converted to smart classrooms, or computer labs over the next year. Please check with your time tabling representative for locations or visit the Smart Learning Spaces room directory.

AV Services installs, supports, and maintains AV equipment, and services it regularly. If you need help, contact the help desk at 604-412-7444 (option 3).

Learning spaces

Most classrooms are equipped with an overhead projector, and a screen. As well, the list of rooms with installed data projectors is always growing.

Smart learning spaces

In addition, Smart Learning Spaces (SLS) integrate easy-to-use computer, multimedia and network technology to support innovative teaching and learning at BCIT. Discover the locations of Smart Learning Spaces on all campuses.

See the Knowledge Base for instructions on using Smart Learning Space equipment. Scheduling information for smart learning spaces can be accessed through myBCIT — log in and click Online Self Service > Employee Self Service > Access to Timetabling.

In most SLS, the front wall (teaching wall) is painted a darker contrast colour and distinctive equipment icons identify the types of technologies installed:

In innovation studios, instructors and students can learn and experiment with innovative educational technology on a short-term basis for specific activities. Features include: wireless access, data projector, sound system, touchscreen digital input panel for laptops, cameras, etc., VHS/DVD player, document image camera, instructor lectern computer, wireless polling software, Smart/interactive whiteboard.

All lecture theatres on all BCIT campuses are smart lecture theatres, larger than classrooms, with tiered seating. Features include: Wireless access, data projector, sound system, touchscreen digital input panel for laptops, cameras, etc., VHS/DVD player, document image camera, and instructor lectern computer.

Mobile smart carts and shop carts, available through AV Services, put a smart classroom “on wheels” for unwired or inaccessible learning spaces, including a data projector (for smart carts) or large LCD screen display (for shop carts), sound system, and multiple digital input panel for laptops, cameras, etc.

Smart classrooms and smart labs have wireless access, data projector, sound system, and a multiple digital input panel for your laptops, cameras, DVD, etc. In addition, there are three type of flexible smart spaces:

  • Flex classrooms with flexible capacity have a thick, sound-sealed moveable dividing wall which opens to provide one large classroom with two data projectors, or closes for smaller classrooms with one data projector each (e.g., NE1–226/239 and NE1–284/285).
  • Flex classrooms accommodate classroom use (e.g. 50–75%) and in-class computer or occasional computer lab use. They feature in-floor power, laptops available or stored in-room, 30″ deep tables for two, and movable tables (e.g., SW3–3660).
  • Flex room computer labs/studios are for computer lab use (e.g. 66–75%), but mouse, keyboard and monitor can be moved for classroom activities, and the 30″ deep tables fit two, unlike computer desks (e.g., SE6–230, NE1–201).

Smart labs and smart shops generally have wireless access, and some have data projector or large LCD screen display for students doing hands-on work in physics, joinery, medical imaging, nursing or pipefitting.

Occasional spaces offer wireless access and live network drops in informal learning spaces, like the Great Hall and student lounges, for group project work, online research and presentation planning.

AV Services can support your portable video conferencing needs with our easy to use webcams, Skype kits, and technical assistance where needed.