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AV equipment availability

To ensure equipment is available, give at least two days notice. If at all possible, book your equipment at the beginning of the term or as early as possible, this will ensure it being available.

AV equipment access

For access to some AV equipment storage areas a key or keypad password is available from Audio Visual (AV) Circulation. Other storage locations require a password – please contact AV Circulation. For all other areas, equipment must be picked up and returned to designated area.

Reservations for AV equipment are taken on a first come – first serve basis.

Note that the AV Services department has limited equipment availability to service all the faculty and students at the Downtown Campus. Pre-booked equipment will generally be delivered and set up before the class. Circulation of equipment is generally maximized by signing out equipment as required for course delivery. Ongoing and repetitive bookings are generally not able to be accommodated simply because of the limited resources available.

Depending on the demand and availability of individual pieces of equipment at different times of the year, it is not always possible to meet all requests for AV equipment.

Learning Spaces

Lending guidelines

Lending guidelines are provided for AV equipment loans.

Data projectors

Some equipment such as LCD projectors are only available for a maximum 3 hour loan. Use of these items are restricted strictly for the purpose of conducting course-related presentations only.

It is recommended to book equipment as early as possible, and check with AV Services for instructions and demonstrations before your presentation.

Please contact the AV services department for questions relating to borrowing equipment.


To sign out equipment you will be required to present your MyBCIT Card to the circulation office. This will create a reservation for the particular piece of equipment, for use in a given location at a specified time. Loaned items must be picked up and returned to the appropriate circulation area by the individual that originally signed it out.

Instructors, faculty & staff

Generally, equipment (other than laptop computers) is available for instructors’ classroom use on an “as needed” basis. Some items may be available for term or continuing bookings.