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Due to the number of requests, AV Services does not include setups that are simply plugged in or set up mechanically.

For example:

  • one VCR/TV unit
  • one microphone
  • one slide projector

The Downtown Campus has conference space available for private rentals. If audio visual equipment is required for your event please coordinate your requirements through your events coordinator.

Staging includes a special event where expertise is required to set up equipment. AudioVisual (AV) Services will attempt to provide assistance where necessary.

For example:

  • Multi-microphone setups
  • Multi-image, e.g. two or more slide projectors
  • Video projection or computer projection

Equipment policy

It is the policy of the AV Services Department not to loan its staging equipment without the services of a Technician. The Staging equipment is not intended for general use. All BCIT sponsored/related events must use the services of a Department Technician. In the event that a Technician is not available, equipment may have to be rented off campus.

Equipment rentals

There is no charge for staging equipment for BCIT events. However, all profit making events held at BCIT will be charged for the use of Audio Visual equipment. A rental price list is available upon request. Only on the approval of the Manager will charges be waived. BCIT Audio Visual is not able to rent equipment off campus to Alumni and other organizations. We would be happy to recommend another company.

DTC special events contact information

Direct Events Line