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Entering BCIT – New to Canada (International Students)

What are the English language requirements?

All programs require English 12, but the grade level varies. Be sure to check for the specific level of English required by your program (for example: 67% in English 12). Find your program and then click ‘Program Entry’ to view the specific entrance requirements.

If you are lacking the appropriate English language level for your desired program, you will be required to demonstrate your competence through one of the English requirements options or by taking an English 12 equivalent course.

Two excellent options for international students who do not have strong English-language skills is the International Student Entry Program and the Professional English Language Development courses. These programs and courses provide students with the academic and language skills required to succeed in specialty business and technical Programs at BCIT.

Can I receive credit for courses I have completed outside Canada?

It is possible that transfer credit can be granted for courses taken outside of Canada. There may be specific grades required and recency requirements for some programs, and ICES review may be required.

Learn about how ICES can help you. Also check out frequently asked questions about ICES.

Please ask an advisor if an ICES evaluation is required for your program. ICES evaluates formal for-credit educational programs of study for people who have studied in other provinces or countries and determines comparable levels in British Columbia and Canadian terms.

What level should I apply to if I have completed a degree?

For some programs, it is possible to apply for a higher level (advanced placement) based on completion of a previous diploma or degree.

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Applying as an international student? Consult with the International Student Centre.

Still haven’t found the answer to your question? Please ask an advisor.