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The Supply Management Division is located at the Burnaby Campus, Building NE09, on the corner of Canada Way and Beta/Carey Avenue.


Vince Laxton Director, Corporate Services 604-432-8717
Sandra McLaughlin Manager, Purchasing 604-431-4907
Vacant Manager, Risk and Contract Management TBA
Jimmy Kim Operations & Revenue Manger 604-432-8771

Procurement Services


Emery Biggar Risk Management Coordinator 604-456-1051
Angela Kan Corporate Services Assistant 604-454-2293
Carolina Lee Commercial Card Coordinator 604-456-1212
Viola Liu Administrative Coordinator 604-456-8109
Sonia Nanwani Project Manager 604-432-8659
Katie Howard
Purchasing Assistant 604-454-2273
Alisha Gardner
Contract/Systems Coordinator 604-432-8838
Winifred Swatschek Systems Administrator/Purchasing Coordinator 604-432-8801
Claire Yeh Corporate Services Administration Assistant


Janice Alexander Senior Buyer 604-451-6984
Cheu Oui Lam
Senior Buyer
Judy Wong
Senior Buyer
Chris Hall
Buyer 604-456-1136
Jenney Li
Junior Buyer
Jack Yagodkin Junior Buyer 604-412-7432


Ken Zaiser Logistics Supervisor 604-432-8357


Jeff Coulson Logistics Associate 604-453-4065
Alex Demoka Logistics Associate 604-453-4065
Don Kettner Logistics Associate 604-453-4065
Ross Kirkpatrick Logistics Associate 604-453-4065
Steve Kinsey Logistics Associate 604-453-4065
Billy Lam Logistics Associate 604-453-4065
Jamie Linn Equipment Operator 778-928-2649
Marvin Malana Logistics Associate 604-453-4065
Rob McKinstry Logistics Associate 604-453-4065
Sheldon Pauls Logistics Associate 604-453-4065


BCIT Burnaby Campus
3700 Willingdon Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5G 3H2

Supply Management/Purchasing Offices

Location NE09, Room 120
Main phone 604-432-8399
General email Supply
Hours 08:00-16:30, Monday-Friday


Location NE09, Room 160
Main phone 604-432-4065
Fax 604-432-9496
General email Logistics
Hours 08:00-16:00, Monday-Friday
Mail depot locations NE09-160, SE12-102Z Corridor, NE01-135