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Corporate Services

Corporate Services has a mandate to enhance the BCIT student learning environment through innovative business operations. The Vision, Mission, Fundamental Aims and Strategic Goals are focused on the two most important elements of our operations – our staff and our customers.

The Corporate Services Division is comprised of the following departments and areas of responsibility: Food Services, Bookstore, Imaging, DTC Administration, External Events, Risk Management, Insurance, Corporate Visa, Contract Management, Commercial Leasing, Strategic Procurement and Logistics.

Corporate services overview

Our vision

Provision of services and business operations that aligns with the strategic direction of the Institute and provides value that exceeds the expectations of our customers.

Our mission

Corporate Services exists to support and enhance the campus learning environment.

  • Ensure there are professional and personal growth opportunities for all staff.
  • Provide services in an innovative, efficient and cost effective way.
  • Measure, review and improve services on an ongoing basis.
  • Maximize revenue generation through innovative, ethical and sustainable business practice

Our fundamental aims

  • We will develop and support our staff – Building Capacity/Strengthening Engagement
  • We will collaborate and communicate – Strengthening Engagement
  • We will streamline our operations – Financial Sustainability/Campus Development

Our strategic goals

  • Staff Development – Building Capacity/Strengthening Engagement
  • Cost Effective Provision of Services – Financial Stability, Campus Development
  • Continuous Improvement – Building Capacity, Financial Stability