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Regular course withdrawals

Withdrawals are allowed until two-thirds of the way through your course (excluding continual entry and courses less than one week long). All Part-time Studies course withdrawal requests must be submitted using the official Part-time Studies Course Withdrawal form [PDF]. Please ensure that you sign or print your name in the Signature field, and that you provide a date.

If submitting your completed form by email, please send to You must use your myBCIT email address so that the Registrar’s Office can verify the legitimacy of your request. Incomplete forms, or forms submitted using a non-myBCIT email address cannot be processed.

Late course withdrawals

For late withdrawals (after two-thirds of your course duration has passed):

  1. Complete all sections of the Part-time Studies Course Withdrawal form [PDF] and attach appropriate supporting documents (e.g. official medical note).
  2. Sign and date the form.
  3. Return the completed form as per directions above using your myBCIT email.
  4. Incomplete forms cannot be processed.
  5. Student will be notified of the result.

Withdrawal policy

Please refer to Policy 5103-PR1 [PDF] – Grading

  • Withdrawals “W” – Withdrawals are allowed until two-thirds of the way through the course (excluding continual entry and courses less than 1 week long) and will result in a “W” on the transcript
    • Students may not withdraw after the withdrawal deadline date unless the circumstances are unusual and/or warranted.
  • Late Withdrawal “LW” – Any withdrawal requests received after the withdrawal deadline must be approved, and will show “LW” (Late Withdrawal) for the course on the student’s transcript.
    • Official documentation must accompany a late withdrawal request that supports the reason for the student’s request (medical certificate, proof of death, etc.). Incomplete requests for late withdrawal will not be processed.
    • Late withdrawal requests designed to avoid failing or low grades are not acceptable.
    • In the case of courses in Part-time Studies, a Student Records officer will approve the request. If approved, the grade standing assigned is LW.

If the late withdrawal request is denied, the student remains registered in the course and will receive a final grade, calculated in the normal fashion (percentage or S/U, depending on the course’s grading method).

Neither the W nor the LW calculates in the GPA (grade point average).

Vanished (V grade)

The V grade is assigned when a student ceases to attend a course(s) without explanation.

The V grade is assigned when a student’s attendance has ceased before the withdrawal deadline. It is not used for students who stop attending after the withdrawal deadline. If a student ceases to attend a course after the withdrawal deadline, then the student is deemed to be registered in the course and should be graded on course work completed. Any missed coursework or examinations should be marked as 0 (zero) and calculated into the final grade for the course.

The V grade is calculated into the GPA as a zero.