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Long-Stay Housing

How to Apply for Student Housing

Visit the Housing Portal to apply for on-campus housing. You are eligible to log in if you have applied to a full-time, cohort-based BCIT program or apprenticeship. On-campus accommodation is limited and not guaranteed.

Visit the Housing Portal

You are eligible to live in long-stay housing at BCIT you’ve been accepted into a full-time, cohort-based academic program that is longer than 12 weeks. Long-stay suites are designated as either all-male, all-female, co-ed, or gender-inclusive.

The BCIT Student Housing long-stay operation is geared primarily to students in programs that start in September and end in May, however vacancies may occur throughout the year for those students whose programs start at other points in the year.

How are rooms assigned?

Priority considerations are made for the following groups:

  • Students with disabilities that impact their housing needs (as verified by BCIT Accessibility Services),
  • Indigenous students, and
  • Students who were formerly youth-in-care

Remaining applicants will be divided into the following groups:

  • Current Residents
  • Applicants coming from the BC Lower Mainland (south of Whistler and west of Hope)
  • Applicants coming from the rest of British Columbia
  • Out-of-province applicants
  • International applicants

Within each group, our electronic lottery process will determine the remaining room assignments. Not all applicants will receive a housing offer as we always receive more applications than rooms available.

Applicants who submit their application prior to June 1 will be considered in the first round of room assignments if their requested move-in date is August/September. Applicants with a program start date after September will be notified closer to their program start date if a room can be offered.

Applications received after June 1 will be considered if space allows. If you are a current resident wishing to reapply, please visit the Housing Portal for reapplication instructions and deadlines.

By June 30 each year, we will update applicants via the online housing portal with one of two statuses:

  1. Offered: You will be emailed a Housing Offer. A deposit will be required to secure your spot.
  2. Waitlisted: You will be emailed a notification that you have been placed on our waitlist. This means that you could receive an offer to live on-campus at any time, even after September, if a space opens up. We are able to make offers to waitlisted students due to cancellations, co-op terms, or other unpredictable scenarios. At this time your waitlist number is assigned via the electronic lottery process, and is does not depend on the date you applied.