Succeed Online

Succeeding in an online course is fundamentally the same as succeeding in a classroom. You must: Today's courses are making a shift to the active learner model, with students interacting and collaborating with one another. What does this mean for you? It means that participation is essential for everyone involved.

Generally Speaking

For most students, it can take an adjustment period to learn the rhythm and patterns of online communication. Here are some tips for getting comfortable:

Getting Started with a New Course

In the first week of a course, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the course and its components. Doing so can save you time later on. Here are some suggestions:

If you are taking a classroom-based course or a paper-based distance education course with an online component, follow these tips:

Online Communication and Communities

As always, effective communication is critical to your success. It's even more important in an online environment, however, because your instructor and the other class members can't see the expression on your face or hear the intonation in your voice. You no longer have all those non-verbal cues that can be taken for granted in a physical classroom. Be responsible for initiating contact, asking for help when needed, and sharing information with others.

Courtesy and respect are constant in all classrooms, however, and still apply and are practiced online. Here are some "netiquette" guidelines: