Aerospace, Aviation, Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Rail and Marine Training Programs and Courses

BCIT's School of Transportation offers you a wide selection of full-time, part-time, and apprenticeship programs. To facilitate your research, we've separated our programs into categories:



 Aircraft Gas Turbine (jet) Engine Technician - Full-time, Certificate
 Airline and Flight Operations (Commercial Pilot) - Full-time, Diploma
 Aviation Maintenance Technician – Avionics - Full-time, Diploma

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Category 'M' (Maintenance)
 Full-time, Diploma
 International Student option

Airport Operations
 Full-time, Diploma
 On-line Part-time, Associate Certificate

Part-time Courses*

 Airport/Airline Core
 Airport Operations
 Introduction to Drones - new course starting January 2016


Safety Training (MED) and First Aid Courses

 MEDI 1000 - Marine Emergency Duties A1 Basic Safety
 MEDI 1060 - Marine Emergency Duties D Senior Officer Certification
 MEDI 1500 - Basic Safety Training 
 MEDI 1800 - Survival Craft
 MEDI 1850 - Fast Rescue Boat
 MEDI 2000 - Marine Emergency Duties A2 Small Vessel Safety
 MEDI 2500 - Advanced Fire Fighting Officer Certification
 MSSM 1200 - Marine Advanced First Aid Revised
 MSSM 3400 - Marine Medical Care

Bridgewatchman Program

 Bridge Watchman - Full-time, Associate Certificate

Deck and Engine Cadet Programs

 Marine Engineering - Full-time/Cooperative Education, Diploma
 Nautical Sciences - Full-time/Cooperative Education, Diploma

Domestic Masters Tickets

 Master 150GT Domestic - Full-time, Associate Certificate
 Master 500GT Domestic - Full-time, Associate Certificate
 Master 3000GT Domestic - Full-time, Certificate
 NAUT 1480 - Master Limited under 60 GRT

Oil Tanker & Supervisor of Oil Transfer Operations (SOTO)

 MSSM 1010 - Supervisor of Oil Transfer Operations Part A
 MSSM 1600 - Oil and Chemical Tanker Familiarization Training
 MSSM 2000 - Supervisor of Oil Transfer Operations Part C
 MSSM 2075 - Specialized Oil Tanker Safety Training

Ship & Port Security Courses

 MSEC 1001 - Security Awareness
 MSEC 1005 - Seafarers with Designated Security Duties
 MSEC 1010 - Ship Security Officer Revised
 MSEC 1050 - Company & Port Facility Officer

Engineering Upgrading Courses

 MENG 1001 - Eng Knowledge: General 1
 MENG 2001 - Eng Knowledge: General 2
 MENG 3001 - Eng Knowledge: General 3
 MENG 1002 - Eng Knowledge: Motor 1
 MENG 2002 - Eng Knowledge: Motor 2
 MENG 3002 - Eng Knowledge: Motor 3
 MENG 1101 - Electrotechnology 1
 MENG 2101 - Electrotechnology 2
 MENG 3101 - Electrotechnology 3
 MENG 1103 - Applied Mechanics 1
 MENG 2103 - Applied Mechanics 2
 MERS 1000 - Propulsion Plant Simulator Level 1
 MERS 2000 - Propulsion Plant Simulator Level 2
 MENG 2102 - Drafting 2
 MENG 0160 - Electrical Basic Skills
 MENG 0150 - Machining Basic Skills

Simulation, Electronic Navigation, Dynamic Positioning and Radio courses

 ENAV 1000 - Simulated Electronic Navigation I Part A
 ENAV 1020 - Simulated Electronic Navigation Limited
 ENAV 1050 - Simulated Electronic Navigation I Part B
 ENAV 1160 - Dynamic Positioning Basic (Induction)
 ENAV 2000 - Simulated Electronic Navigation 2
 ENAV 2600 - Bridge Resource Management
 ENAV 3100 - Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems (ECDIS)
 GMDS 1500 - Restricted Operator's Certificate - Maritime Commercial
 GMDS 1800 - Global Maritime Distress and Safety System

Chief Mate and Watchkeeping Mate Programs

Chief Mate - Full-time, Certificate
    Course availabilities

 Watchkeeping Mate Near Coastal (WKMNC) - Full-time, Certificate
    Course availabilities

Motive Power

Automotive Mechanic/Technician Programs

Automotive Technician
 Full-time, Apprenticeship
 GM (ASEP) option

Automotive Technician Foundation
 Full-time, Certificate
 Toyota Foundation option

Automotive Service Technician (AST)
 Full-time/Cooperative Education, Diploma
 International Student option
 Ford ASSET option

Automotive Technical Studies (ATS)
 International Student option

Automotive Collision Repair & Refinishing Programs

 Automotive Collision Repair Technician Foundation - Full-time, Diploma
 Automotive Refinishing Technician Foundation - Full-time, Certificate

Heavy Mechanical Trades Programs

 Commercial Transport - Full-time, Apprenticeship
 Heavy Duty Mechanic - Full-time, Apprenticeship
 Heavy Mechanical Trades Foundation - Full-time, Certificate

Marine Mechanical Program

 Marine Mechanical Technician (MMT) - Full-time, Apprenticeship

Motorcycle and Power Equipment Programs

 Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technician Foundation - Full-time, Certificate
 Motorcycle and Power Equipment Mechanic - Full-time, Apprenticeship

Rail Program

 Railway Conductor - Full-time, BCIT/Industry Partnership Certificate

Part-time Courses*

 Automotive Mechanics
 Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing
 Automotive Service Technician
 Commercial Transport Mechanic
 Heavy Duty Mechanic
 Inboard/Outboard Mechanic
 Mobile Equipment/Forklift Operator
 Motorcycle Mechanic
 Power Equipment Mechanic
 Vehicle Restoration

Trades Access


 Trades Discovery - Full-time - Associate Certificate
 Trades Discovery for Women - Full-time - Associate Certificate

Part-time Courses*

 ACES 0011 - Basic Trades Math
 ACES 0012 - Intermediate Trades Math
 ACES 0013 - Craft Trades Math
 ACES 0014 - Technical Trades Math
 ACES 0020 - Technical Literacy: Tools of the Trades

Technology Management

 Technology Management - Part-time/Distance and online learning - Bachelor of Technology
    Course availabilities

*Not all part-time courses are available at all times