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Preparing for your peer tutor session:

• Review all course material
• Try all homework problems and complete what you can on your own
• Identify parts of a topic you understand and parts you don’t understand
• Identify the course material that you want to work on with a tutor
• Prepare questions for your tutor

What a BCIT peer tutor can do:

• Review concepts
• Assist in applying concepts to questions similar to those done in class
• Offer immediate feedback
• Direct you to other academic resources, including the course instructor, when appropriate

What a BCIT peer tutor won’t do:

• Your homework, including helping you complete your homework on time
• Help you complete an assignment that will be graded
• Explain course material that you have not attempted to learn or understand on your own
• Work with you alone when other students are dropping in at the same time
• Tell you what will be on an exam