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For International Students

How to Apply to Regular Credential Programs

Follow these steps to apply to a regular (cohort) credential program at BCIT.

Step 1: Choose your program

Browse the range of programs and courses at BCIT and find one that fits your interests.

Take note of key details, including start dates, application deadlines, and program type (competitive vs. first qualified, first offered).

Step 2: Meet the admission requirements

Review the admission requirements for your chosen program to make sure you meet them. Find this information on your program’s Entrance Requirements page.

If you have education from outside of Canada, you may be required to have their credentials assessed through the International Credential Evaluation Service (ICES) to ensure equivalency. Learn more about International Credential Evaluation Services.

Remember, meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to all programs.

Missing or in-progress requirement(s)?

If you have any in-progress courses, you can apply using your midterm grades. Learn how you can apply using your midterm grades

You also have several pathways to help you qualify for your chosen program, even if you don’t meet the admission requirements initially.

If you don’t meet the published admission requirements, you might still qualify for your chosen program through our alternate admissions pathway. This option values individuals whose work experience, non-formal education, cultural knowledge, and other relevant experiences have prepared them for their chosen program.

Learn more about meeting BCIT’s admission requirements

Step 3: Prepare your application

First-qualified, first-offered programs don’t have posted deadlines to submit applications. These programs can fill quickly. You should apply and submit your supporting documents when the program application opens.

If your program requires your foreign education to be evaluated, submit your credential to the International Credential Evaluation Service first. Then, include the completed credential evaluation with your online application.

BCIT only considers English language documents or certified English translations of documents in the admissions process. Scan your transcripts and other supporting documents into PDF files.

Step 4: Submit your application online

Applications are available either through EducationPlannerBC (EPBC) or BCIT. Use the Apply Now button on your program’s page to be directed to the correct application platform.

Apply through BCIT

When you apply through BCIT, you’ll create your BCIT account and gan access to your myBCIT account.

Apply through EPBC

After you apply through EPBC, you’ll receive an email from BCIT activating your BCIT ID and email account, as well as instructions for accessing your myBCIT account.

Learn more about what happens after you apply