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The committee was formed in accordance to article 10.2.4 of the Faculty and Staff Association Collective Agreement with BCIT.

You may send questions or ideas to your representative directly by clicking on their e-mail address.



Contact information Image
Scott Hagan – Chair
Academic Studies Representative
Scott Hagan headshot smiling.
Joseph Boyd
Applied Research
Joseph Boyd headshot smiling, short hair and beard.
Kathy Nolan
Part-time Studies Instructor’s Representative
Brian Hosier
Management Representative
Brian Hosier headshot smiling with rust-red shirt and short hair.
John Dian
Engineering Representative
John Dian, Engineering Rep for IDC committee
Ken Zeleschuk
FSA Executive Representative
Ken Zeleschuk headshot
Wayne Hand
Management Representative
Wayne Hand headshot smiling wearing business attire.
Kal Randhawa
Interim Chair / Health Representative
Kal Randhawa headshot smiling with long dark straight hair and silver earings.
Mike McKoryk
BCGEU Instructor’s Representative
Mike Mckoryk headshot with short brown hair and beard.
Leslie Major
School of Business Representative
Leslie Major headshot smiling with long blond straight hair.
Sylvia Gajdics
Faculty Development Co-ordinator
Sylvia Gajdics is the Instructional Development Coordinator