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The IRP staff are guided by the code of ethics for institutional research defined by the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) – to acquire the necessary competency to conduct research; to be objective and have an unbiased attitude; ensure the quality of data used for the research; to write reports in a language that is understandable; to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal information; and to treat research subjects with respect and dignity.

The below table describes IRP’s service standards for research projects, information requests and survey scanning services.

We will:
Excellence Ensure a quality product that meets your expectations.
Timelines Meet all dates and deliverables as agreed to.
Communications Advise you of issues and problems that affect project deliverables and/or timelines within one business day of the problem being discovered.
Responsiveness Respond within one business day to your inquiries by telephone, e-mail or in-person.
Accessibility Provide you choices of products, services and delivery methods.
Commitment Be courteous, respectful, responsible and professional at all times.