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The primary role of BCIT’s Institutional Research and Planning (IRP) Office is to provide business analytics and advisory services that support BCIT’s strategic goals and priorities for evidence-based planning, decision-making and monitoring of institutional performance.

The IRP Office serves the needs of BCIT by:

  • Acting as the Official Reporting Office for internal and external student-related metrics by providing statistical information, including enrolment data, about BCIT.
  • Producing compliance and accountability reporting that meet the needs of provincial and federal submission standards and guidelines.
  • Conducting analytical research that assists BCIT in evaluating educational and service delivery through key performance indicators, evaluation frameworks and enrolment metrics.
  • Developing and implementing enrolment plans and projections, including annual and multi-year trades training plans, in collaboration with educational leaders.
  • Working closely with Financial Services and the Academic portfolio in establishing enrolment inputs for the annual and multi-year budget process.
  • Leading the delivery of enrolment management and operations and related key performance indicators to track against target and goals.
  • Supporting strategic enrolment management decisions by providing enrolment projections, in-cycle monitoring and tracking, and trend analysis.
  • Managing the administration, analysis, and reporting of institute-wide student surveys and other student-related qualitative research.
  • Providing support and consultation on academic planning and operational requirements relating to capacity planning, student enrolment, ITA funding, and tuition and ancillary fees.

The Institutional Research and Planning Office will conduct its business according to approved service standards.