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The Institutional Research and Planning Office serves the needs of BCIT in three key functional areas:

1. Performance Measurement and Evaluation

– Conducting analytical research that will assist BCIT to evaluate educational and service performance, by:

    • Assisting educational and service units with the development of their performance framework.
    • Developing the methodology for the data collection and analysis needed to produce performance measures.
    • Assisting managers of enterprise management systems and data custodians to develop and maintain data definitions and data standards.
    • Developing and publishing performance reports using dashboard and balanced scorecard presentation methods.

2. Official Student Enrolment Reporting

– Providing the BCIT community with:

    • Enrolment and student FTE statistics.
    • Retention and graduation analysis.

3. Government and Institutional Information and Data Compliance

    • Participate in provincial committees, such as Accountability Framework, Student Outcomes, and Data Definition and Data Standards.
    • Collaborate with Information Technology Services and the Registrar’s Office to validate data warehouse submissions.
    • Produce the audited FTE enrolment reports.
    • Produce the information and data required for the BCIT Service Plan.

The Institutional Research and Planning Office will conduct its business according to approved service standards.