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Early Assist

Special Alert

Early Assist remains fully operational during the COVID-19 situation. BCIT community members are encouraged to continue to seek referrals for their student-related academic, behavioural, or health & well-being concerns by submitting an Early Assist referral.

While referral submission is our preferred contact method, Early Assist staff are also available by email and phone:

  • 604-451-6863
  • 604-431-4972

BCIT values its students and their well-being. Early Assist is a confidential online platform that provides BCIT faculty, staff and students an opportunity to identify students who may be struggling personally or academically, and offer them appropriate support and services at an early stage.

If you recognize that a BCIT student may be having difficulties:


Note: Early Assist is not for emergencies. In an emergency, call Security or 911.

Questions about Early Assist

Even more questions about Early Assist?

Please contact us by email at