Campus Facilities

Each BCIT campus boasts end of trip facilities that include showers and change areas, bike racks and bike lockers for use by the BCIT community.

Bike Racks

Bike racks are located on all BCIT campuses for use by the Campus community. Bike racks are for daily bike storage only, and are used at the bike owners risk as BCIT cannot guarantee the security of bikes left unattended. Other vehicles using bike racks at BCIT, or bikes left overnight, may be subject to removal.

Bike Lockers/Cages

Bicycle lockers provide excellent, secure bicycle parking by improving protection from theft, vandalism and inclement weather. The lockers are designed to hold one bicycle each as well as bicycle gear such as panniers, locks, lights, etc.

The BCIT Burnaby campus has bike lockers available to rent on an annual basis.  


There are shower facilities at each of the six main BCIT campuses.

Facilities by Campus


Burnaby campus location and map

PDF map showing cycling facilities on Burnaby campus

On the Burnaby Campus, Recreation Services (building SE-16) is the main Burnaby Campus stopping point for students and staff. Thirty-two weather protected bike lockers are also available for rent by BCIT students and staff, and 14 bike storage rental spaces are located, for staff, on the lower level of SW-1.

  • Bike Racks:

    The Burnaby campus has 325 typical post and ring style bike racks located around campus available for use by cyclists at no cost.

  • Bike Lockers:

    Locker rentals at the Burnaby Campus can be arranged through Recreation Services at SE16. Lockers are located adjacent to: SE16 (in Lot P2, which has been converted into a car-free bike parking area), SE01, NE01, & SW01*.
    *- Lockers in SW01 are for rental by BCIT Employees only.

  • Bike Shelters:

    Bike parking shelters have been installed:
    • Near the south side entrance of NE1, beside Smith Street.
    • On the north side of the Library, SE14, in front of the ITS Help Desk, SE12.
    • At the south entrance to SE16.
    The Urban Racks bike shelters provide effective weather protection. 

  • Bike Repair Stations and Pumps:

    Five Dero Fixit bike repair stations and floor pumps have been installed:
    • NE1 - main entrance on south side, beside bike lockers
    • SE2 - entrance to Bookstore
    • SW1 - west entrance to Gateway building
    • SW3 - covered bike parking area
    • SE16 - south entrance
    The repair stations have a bike stand and tools hanging on cables which include hex keys, screwdrivers, wrenches and tire irons. Additional foot pumps can be found beside the NE1 and SE14 bike parking shelters.

  • Showers:

    • NE09 - Men's in room 109; Women's in room 108 (employees only, swipe card access)
    • NE08 - Men's in room 105; Women's in room 103
    • SW01 - Gateway Tunnel
      * Showers in SW01 are for use by employees who have rented Bike Lockers in the area.
    • SW01 - Women's in room 4220 (public access)
    • SW09 - Men's in room 111
    • SE16 - Men's in room 160; Women's in room 152; Private rooms 167/168


Downtown campus location and map

  • Bike Racks:
    • Adjacent to main entrance
    • First level of Parkade
    • Dunsmuir bike lane
  • Bike Lock Up / Cage*: Bike locker facility at the BCIT Downtown Campus is located in the building parkade.
  • Showers: Mezzanine (for those with Bike Lock Up privileges)
    * Bike Lock Up facility for use by BCIT Employees only.

Aerospace and Technology

Aerospace campus location and map

  • Bike Racks:
    • West entrance to the ATC hangar
    • North side of the ATC Partnership Wing
  • Showers: Men's in Room 173A; Women's in 174A & employees only 256A (unisex)

Marine Campus

Marine campus location and map

  • Bike Racks:
    • Adjacent to the east side of Marine Campus
    • Entrance to campus from Esplanade pedestrian bridge
  • Showers: Adjacent to the training tank

Centre for Applied Research and Innovation

CARI location and map [PDF]

  • Bike Racks:
    • Main entrance
    • Entrance to Wing B
    • Entrance to Wing C
    • Entrance to NVIT
  • Showers:
    • Women's in room 1033; Men's in room 1032
    • Women's in room 1048; Men's in room 1047

BCIT is committed to promote the use of sustainable travel, to help faculty, staff and students adopt a more sustainable commute and contribute to BCIT's goal to become greenhouse gas neutral.