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Tips & Resources

Cycling should be safe and enjoyable. Learn more about the rules of the road and other tips which can make biking safer and easier.

  • Take a look at a bike route map and select a route that looks like it’ll work for you. Explore different routes to and from BCIT campuses. There are plenty of different ones to choose from and some will suit your needs better than others – from major roads to traffic-calmed residential streets and designated bike routes
  • Pick a nice day – the better the conditions and the more fun you can make it, the easier it will be to ride again.
  • Start slow and simple. Commit to cycling once or twice a week to give yourself time to get used to it.
  • Combine cycling with transit – if you live too far to cycle all the way, you can start or finish your trip by bus. Put your bike on one of the easy-to-use racks attached to the front of the buses. This is also a good option in case you get a flat during your ride. Visit the Translink Bikes on Transit page for further information.
  • Riding in traffic: Cycling is not allowed on sidewalks. Ride with the direction of the traffic. Use hand signals when turning or slowing down, and wear visible/reflective clothing.
  • Winter – (wet season): Vancouver is a wet city, but if you are properly equipped, you can cycle year round! If you plan on cycling in the rain, be sure to have a warm pair of gloves, a waterproof-breathable rain jacket and pants, and booties (covers for your shoes).
    • Fenders make a huge difference in keeping you dry from below. It may not be raining while you’re riding, but the roads are mostly wet through the winter, and sometimes are salty.
    • Lights – It can be quite dark even in the middle of a day when it’s gray and rainy in the winter. Some cyclists use them as ‘running lights’ at any time of the year. There are lots of USB-rechargeable lights that will last through commutes, and longer rides.
  • Make sure you get a bike that’s sized correctly, has the right seat height and is the right kind of bike for what you’re doing. Good, appropriate equipment will be safer, better for your body and more fun to use!
  • The CAA has a good cycling tips website.
  • Two Wheel Gear has a good Bike to Work Guide.
  • Take a Streetwise Cycling Course, offered by HUB. If you’re nervous about riding in traffic, or feel you could use some pointers on safe cycling, this one-day course may be the perfect solution. Streetwise Cycling Courses allow anyone to gain the skills and confidence needed to enjoy riding in the city.
Sustainable travel

Helping you adopt a more sustainable commute

BCIT is committed to promoting the use of sustainable travel to help faculty, staff and students adopt a more sustainable commute and contribute to BCIT’s goal to become greenhouse gas neutral. This initiative supports the Ecocity Standard for Environmentally Friendly Transport, which looks at how non-motorized transportation is supported and encouraged by the city and is used by a significant proportion of people for trips under 5 km.