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Social Media Storytelling BCST 1193

Broadcast Communications Part-time Studies Course

Course details

While its true most of us have set up social media accounts, are you aware of the subtle nuances of using your social media effectively? Do you know how to stand out in the digital space over the non-stop buzz of social media noise? Ultimately, understanding the story you wish to tell is key, along with the art of being able to tell a good story. The focus of this course is identifying the story you wish to tell and learning to manipulate social media tools to better tell it. This skill set includes building your (or your business’) social media presence, identifying the best social media platforms for your story, and learning social media time management around your digital storytelling.


  • No prerequisites are required for this course.



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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Differentiate between social and broadcast media in it's designed purpose.
  • Identify the differences between traditional marketing and social media marketing.
  • Define and fine tune your social media voice.
  • Manage your personal or business brand on social media.
  • Discuss and debate concepts of risk, responsibility, and ethics within social media engagement.
  • Build, support and leverage a personal community on social media.
  • Identify different ways to collect social media metrics.
  • Adapt and make changes to your social media storytelling in response to social media metrics.
  • Engage in a social media storytelling campaign.
  • Collect and analyze social media metrics from a social media campaign.
  • Choose the ideal social media platforms for any given project to optimize your time.
  • Describe methods of social media time management.
  • Develop an ongoing social media plan for a personal or business brand.

Effective as of Fall 2019

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