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Flexible Learning (Part-time Studies) Courses

International Fees

International fees are typically three times the amount of domestic fees. Exact cost will be calculated upon completion of registration.

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses over the next two terms. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

CourseFall 2023Winter 2024
Advanced Investigation Techniques (FSCT 8215) NoNo
Applied Ethics (LIBS 7002) MaybeYes
Business Management for Forensic Science (FSCT 8371) NoNo
CCTV and Forensic Examination (FSCT 8351) NoMaybe
Case Management for Major Crime Investigation (FSCT 7110) NoNo
Civil Legislation, Regulatory Bodies, and Privacy (FSCT 7007) NoNo
Covert Surveillance Techniques (FSCT 8200) NoNo
Crime Scene Investigation (FSCT 7310) NoYes
Criminal Law 2: Legal Evidence (FSCT 7002) NoYes
Critical Reading and Writing (LIBS 7001) MaybeYes
Drug Analysis (FSCT 8250) NoNo
Forensic Applications of Criminal Law 1: Legal Procedures (FSCT 7001) NoNo
Forensic Biology: DNA Typing Applications (FSCT 8160) NoMaybe
Forensic Biology: DNA Typing Theory (FSCT 8150) NoNo
Forensic Biology: Evidence Recovery (FSCT 8155) NoMaybe
Forensic Entomology (FSCT 8140) NoNo
Forensic Interviewing for Investigators (FSCT 7231) NoNo
Forensic Photography (FSCT 8340) NoNo
Forensic Toxicology (FSCT 8240) NoYes
Forensic Video Technologies (FSCT 8350) NoNo
Graduation Project 1 (FSCT 8611) MaybeNo
Graduation Project 2 (FSCT 8621) NoMaybe
Graduation Project 3 (FSCT 8631) NoNo
Human Remains Recovery (FSCT 8110) NoNo
Incident Scene Investigation (FSCT 7309) NoNo
Instrumental Analysis for Forensic Chemistry (FSCT 8156) NoNo
Introducing Forensic Evidence at Trial (FSCT 7005) NoNo
Introduction to Death Investigation (FSCT 8102) NoNo
Introduction to Forensic Science (FSCT 7320) MaybeNo
Introduction to Investigation Techniques (FSCT 7215) NoNo
Principles and Methods of Firearms and Toolmark Examination (FSCT 8330) NoNo
Project Management for Investigations (FSCT 7120) MaybeNo
Quality Assurance for Forensic Science (FSCT 8370) NoNo
Report Writing and Workplace Communication for Forensic Investigation (COMM 7200) NoYes
Research Methodology and Measurement Models (FSCT 7910) MaybeYes
Social Media and Open-Source Investigative Techniques (FSCT 8520) NoYes
The Medicolegal Aspects of Alcohol (FSCT 8230) NoYes
The Science of Fingerprints - Theory (FSCT 8320) NoNo