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Flexible Learning (Part-time Studies) Courses

International Fees

International fees are typically three times the amount of domestic fees. Exact cost will be calculated upon completion of registration.

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses over the next two terms. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

CourseWinter 2024Spring/Summer 2024
AutoCAD for Interior Design (INTD 2160) NoMaybe
Colour for Interior Design (INTD 2130) NoMaybe
Communication 1 (COMM 1120) NoMaybe
Design Theory 1 (INTD 1100) NoMaybe
Digital Illustration for Interior Design (INTD 1360) NoYes
Fabrics and Applications (INTD 2120) NoMaybe
Freehand Drawing (INTD 1140) NoMaybe
History of Interiors and Furniture (INTD 2375) NoYes
Introduction to InDesign (INTD 1060) NoMaybe
Introduction to Lighting (INTD 2240) NoMaybe
Materials for Interior Design (INTD 1120) NoMaybe
Residential Construction Drawings (INTD 2360) NoMaybe
Residential Directed Studies Project (INTD 2500) NoYes
Residential Studio A (INTD 2300) NoMaybe
Residential Studio B (INTD 2400) NoMaybe
Visual & Graphic Communication (INTD 2150) NoMaybe
Visual Communication 2D (INTD 1180) NoMaybe