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Business Communication 2 COMM 2200

Communication Course

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Course details

This course provides further instruction and practice in the principles taught in COMM 1100. It concentrates on more sophisticated forms of written communication: the job application package, indirect correspondence, and reports. The course might also include modules on graphics, questionnaires, telephone techniques, and organizing and running meetings.




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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Prepare a career skills inventory; research and analyze job opportunities in the student’s field.
  • Prepare effective field-specific job/career documentation.
  • Use appropriate patterns of organization, style, and tone to convey negative news in written business messages.
  • Prepare and present an effective persuasive oral appeal for a given audience in a specified time.
  • Use visual presentation techniques effectively in presentations to persuade.
  • Respond appropriately and convincingly to questions during or following a persuasive presentation.
  • Write effective formal and/or informal, informational, and/or persuasive, business reports with a specific purpose and for a given audience.
  • Use recognized citation procedures and formats for documenting research sources.
  • Participate productively in meetings.
  • Prepare meeting-related documents: Agendas and Minutes.
  • Demonstrate interpersonal and intercultural sensitivity in written and oral communication tasks.
  • Participate effectively in interviews, including informational and job interviews.
  • Communicate collaboratively as an effective member of a team while preparing written or oral group projects.
  • Demonstrate careful consideration of ethical obligations in digital interactions as they apply to managing online presence, being honest, respecting privacy relating to messaging.
  • Use critical thinking skills (such as analyze, predict, compare, and contrast) to evaluate and communicate business messages and to identify and prevent misinformation.

Effective as of Winter 2024

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