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Flexible Learning (Part-time Studies) Courses

International Fees

International fees are typically 3.12 times the domestic tuition. Exact cost will be calculated upon completion of registration.

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses over the next two terms. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

CourseSpring/Summer 2024Fall 2024
Advanced Energy Simulation (BSCI 9250) MaybeNo
Building Energy Performance (BSCI 9130) NoNo
Building Envelope 1 (BSCI 9120) NoNo
Building Envelope 2 (BSCI 9220) MaybeNo
Building Environment and Climate (BSCI 9100) MaybeNo
Building Materials (BSCI 9020) NoYes
Building Science 1 (BSCI 9000) NoYes
Building Science Acoustics (BSCI 9060) NoYes
Directed Studies (BSCI 9090) MaybeYes
Graduate Seminar Orientation (BSCI 9054) NoYes
Graduate Seminar Series (BSCI 9055) NoNo
Measurement and Verification (BSCI 9230) MaybeNo
Mechanical Systems and Control (BSCI 9150) NoNo
Modelling of Heat and Mass Transfer in Buildings (BSCI 9240) NoNo
Proposal Preparation Part 1 (BSCI 9630) NoNo
Proposal Preparation Part 2 (BSCI 9640) NoNo
Research Methods (BSCI 9050) NoYes
Research Proposal (BSCI 9650) MaybeYes
Research Thesis (BSCI 9850) MaybeYes
Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality (BSCI 9170) NoYes