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Valedictorian Nominations

The Valedictorian is the representative of the graduating class. They deliver a formal address to all fellow graduating students, faculty, and guests at Convocation. For Spring 2024, five Valedictorians will be selected – one per Convocation ceremony.

Any BCIT student, staff or faculty member can nominate a graduating student to be Valedictorian. Graduating students can also nominate themselves.

Eligibility and criteria

Nominees will be considered by the Selection Committee in terms of the criteria listed below:

  • Must be graduating at the upcoming Convocation
  • Demonstrated involvement with BCIT and the community (e.g. volunteering, peer tutoring, Student Association involvement)
  • Preference will be given to nominees who have maintained a minimum GPA of 80% throughout their program

How to nominate

Valedictorian nominations for Spring 2024 are open. Please submit your nomination here.

  • Nominators must be faculty, staff members, or students of BCIT
  • The form must be completed in full and signed by the nominee (or complete information provided by email and accompanied by email from nominee indicating acceptance of the nomination)
  • Three letters of reference must be provided, one being from an academic source. References may be contacted for clarification but reference letters should provide rationale for supporting the nomination

Selection process

A selection committee comprised of members from BCIT faculty, staff, and the BCIT Student Association will convene in May for Spring 2024. The committee will review all nomination packages and select Valedictorians. All nominees will be notified of the committee’s selections.