About The Association

Incorporated as a Society in 1979, the Alumni Association is a registered non-profit society governed by a board of volunteer directors and financed by association affinity programs, sponsorship, and Institute support.


The BCIT Alumni Association is a thriving organization that inspires passion for the BCIT community, provides leadership with its connection to alumni and students and excels in offering valuable programs and services.



The BCIT Alumni Association connects and engages alumni in a lifelong relationship with the BCIT community by providing innovative programs and services that support alumni and student success.


Core Values

The Alumni Association builds lifelong relationships through alumni-focused programs and services, supporting alumni long after they have successfully completed their BCIT education.

“In Demand, Delivering Results” describes BCIT alumni and the culture of the dynamic Alumni Association, which serves 175,000+ alumni through the BCIT Alumni Relations Office at the Burnaby Campus.

Many dedicated alumni have volunteered their time and energy to serve on the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors, alumni committees, annual alumni events, and various other initiatives. Their contributions are greatly appreciated by BCIT.

Alumni are also key supporters of current BCIT students. By donating to the Alumni Annual Fund, alumni help current BCIT students succeed. 

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