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Eligibility & Exemptions

Who is eligible for U-Pass?

U-Pass BC is available to students who meet all of the following criteria:

  • Accepted into and remain declared in eligible full-time studies programs*
  • Registered into courses which are delivered in Metro Vancouver
  • Registered into a minimum of 3.0 credits or whose tuition exceeds $177.00 per month of study
  • Assessed a Student Association Fee

*Please refer to the full-time tuition fee schedules to view eligible programs.

Who is not eligible for U-Pass?

The following students are not eligible for the U-Pass BC program:

  • Students who register for individual courses through Flexible Learning
  • Students registering for individual courses at the BCIT Marine Campus
  • ISEP and Business Fundamentals (formerly Business Management Studies [BMS]) students
  • Students registered as welding upgraders
  • Full-time students who are on an incoming exchange, outgoing exchange or study abroad program

Who is eligible for exemption from U-Pass?

U-Pass BC is mandatory for eligible BCIT students. However, the following can apply for exemption:

  • Students who hold a valid U-Pass BC from another post-secondary institution in Metro Vancouver
  • Students who are permanently or temporarily disabled and whose physical or cognitive barriers cannot be accommodated by using the U-Pass BC
  • Students who hold a valid TransLink Pass, such as a BC Transit Employee Pass, BC Transit Government Bus Pass, CNIB ID Card, Community Pass, Employee Pass, Government Bus Pass or War Amputee Pass (A Monthly Fare Card does not qualify as a TransLink Pass)

To request an exemption, please submit the applicable form(s) to the U-Pass BC Administrator at

Get a U-Pass BC

In order to access the U-Pass BC monthly pass, you will need to buy a physical Compass Card from TransLink and then load your U-Pass BC onto the Compass Card.

Learn how to get a compass card & U-Pass BC