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Getting Your Compass Card & U-Pass BC

Get your U-Pass BC in two simple steps. First, get a Compass Card from Translink. Second, load your U-Pass BC onto your Compass Card.

Get a Compass Card

In order to access the U-Pass BC monthly pass, you will need to buy a physical Compass Card from TransLink.

Load your U-Pass BC

Once you have a Compass Card, load your U-Pass BC:

  1. Go to the U-Pass BC website.
  2. Select “British Columbia Institute of Technology” from the drop down menu.
  3. Log in using your BCIT ID and password. You must be eligible for U-Pass BC to log in. Confirm eligibility on my.bcit.
  4. Link your Compass Card by entering the 20-digits and CVN on the back of your Compass Card.
  5. Request your U-Pass BC.

TransLink has provided these resources for students:

Contact TransLink at Compass Card Help or 604-398-2042 if you have any questions.

Using your Compass Card

Now that you've got your Compass Card and loaded your U-Pass BC, you can learn how to use your Compass Card on public transit.

Using Your Compass Card