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COMP 3015 - Introduction to Web Applications with PHP

Computer Systems Part-time Studies Course

School of Computing and Academic Studies

Course Details

This hands-on course follows on from COMP 1850 and COMP 2015 and is aimed at students who already possess a working understanding of web scripting with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery are introduced to server-side scripting. Beginning with basic client/server concepts students are introduced to PHP theory, basic syntax and the difference between synchronous/asynchronous calls for responding to AJAX requests. There is a review of basic front end development concepts and JavaScript. Students who want to learn more about advanced JavaScript are encouraged to complete COMP 2912- Node.js Fundamentals and COMP 2913 -React and Modern JavaScript. Participants are provided with a front-end web application to connect to the back-end to serve the front end applications. Topics include: caching, Content Delivery Network (CDN), and external libraries to understand how to deal with these topics in the back end. Additional topics include: when to use local storage vs session storage vs cookie storage. HTTP vs HTTPS, HTTP status codes, verbs, headers, cookies, and sessions as also discussed. Labs and exercises include different encoding types for transport between browser and server application, basic web application security and the dangers of cross site scripting, session hijacking. Participants gain experience with the major functions of server-side scripting, client/server architecture and a variety of open-source software tools. Upon successful completion, participants will be able to write browser independent server-side scripts and use PHP 7.3 for developing web applications. Upon successful completion students will be prepared to move on to COMP 4669 Advanced Web Applications offered once per year in the winter (January) term. COMP 3015 is a required course in Applied Web Development Associate Certificate (AWD) plus an elective the CSC and CST/PTS Diploma.


COMP 1850 and COMP 2015 or equivalent knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery.





Winter 2020

Below is one offering of this course for the Winter 2020 term.

CRN 84212

Mon Jan 06 - Mon Mar 23 12 Weeks

Class Meeting Times

Dates Days Times Locations
Jan 06 - Mar 23 Mon 18:00 - 21:00 DTC Rm. 382



Course Outline

TBD – see Learning Outcomes in the interim




  1. Departmental approval needed
  2. Please email for Departmental approval. Include your Student number and preferred CRN. Late registration is not permitted. Class is in session on February 17 (Family Day).

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Create a basic PHP 7.3 web application, setup a web server for web application development.
  • Explain basic HTTP concepts.
  • Describe basic web application security.
  • Make use of cookies, headers and how JavaScript plays a role.
  • Explain the theory behind server-side applications.
  • Explain the architecture difference between client-side vs server-side software.
  • Explore HTTP request and response headers, manipulate browser behaviour.
  • Leverage Chrome and Firefox developer tools to debug client/server messages.
  • Obtain, process, validate and store user input from Web pages.
  • Obtain, process, validate and store user input from Web pages.
  • Find, process, and validate data with regular expressions.
  • Use server side resources with web applications including server side files and databases.
  • Authorize users and persist their data across multiple Web pages using sessions.
  • Explore and defend against security vulnerabilities from cross site scripting, SQL injection and session hijacking.
  • Develop procedural PHP scripts, leading to Object Oriented Programming with PHP.

Effective as of Winter 2019

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    Part-time   Diploma

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