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BLAW 3205 - Internet and IT Law

Business Law Part-time Studies Course

School of Business

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This hands on course is aimed at BCIT Computing and Business students who want to learn not only about the laws and regulations that apply to the Internet and information technology, but also how to engage intellectual property rights, law and regulation to protect intellectual effort. Topics include privacy, private data collection, property (IP/DRM), security, gambling, ethics, the internet of things/everything (IoT), data, patents, trademarks, domain names, copyright, linking, meta-tags, online contracts, online advertising and marketing. Students receive an overview of law in the modern marketplace, which we practice applying online in a series of non-cumulative exercises, a role play exercise and in discussions.





Winter 2019

Below is one offering of this course for the Winter 2019 term.

CRN 44287

Tue Jan 08 - Sat Mar 30 12 Weeks

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Jan 08 - Mar 30 Online


Dean Palmer

Course Outline




  1. Internet delivery format.
  2. Students must submit e-mail address when registering. To be successful in our online courses, plan to spend 7-10 hours per course each week on your studies, starting Week 1. Our courses are paced and highly interactive with participation requirements weekly. This online course is NOT self-paced. You must have an e-mail address and access to a computer capable of downloading basic documents. You are not required to be online at a specific time of the day; however you are required to submit all assignments on their due dates. REQUIRED TEXT: Brian Craig, Cyberlaw, The Law of the Interent and Information Technology. 1st ed. ISBN-13: 978-0-13-256087-0 Available at the BCIT bookstore in both e-book format and hard copy. Please read pages 15-33 in the course textbook, Cyberlaw for the first week of class online Is online learning for you? Please take a look at our FAQ pages and

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

Identify basic components of the Canadian legal system:

  • Describe the structure of the Canadian legal system including the three branches of government.
  • Define legal terms relevant to the Internet.
  • Describe the differences between civil and common law legal systems, and also between common law and statute.

Asses a legal case:

  • Identify the important facts of a legal case.
  • Identify the most important legal issues.
  • Describe the relevant legal test.
  • Apply the relevant legal test to the facts.

Describe how to protect a trade secret.

Describe how to acquire and protect a trademark:

  • Define a trademark.
  • Search online to determine if a trademark is available.
  • Describe how to register a trademark in the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.
  • Describe how to protect a trademark under common law.

Determine, in the context of the Internet, the likely winner in a conflict over trademarks:

  • Identify the rights of two or more entities to a trademark.
  • Select the entity with stronger rights to a trademark.

Determine, for a given set of facts related to the Internet, whether copyright infringement has occurred or not:

  • Identify what is copyrightable on the Internet.
  • Describe the legal test for copyright protection on the Internet.
  • Describe how to mark creative works with appropriate copyright notices.

Determine when patent protection may be appropriate for an online business:

  • Define the legal requirements for an online business method patent.
  • Apply the legal requirements for an online business method patent to a hypothetical situation.

Assess, in the context of the Internet, the likely winner in a conflict over domain names:

  • Describe how to obtain both geographic and generic domain names.
  • Apply the rules for priority over domain names.
  • Conclude on which entity has priority over a domain name.

Describe important clauses in a license agreement for web site content, an Internet access agreement, a web site development contract and a web site hosting agreement.

Determine the legal causes of action (basis for suing) available for a given set of facts:

  • Describe the legal liability for the activities of linking, framing and the use of meta-tags.
  • Identify areas of liability for Internet service providers.
  • Describe the legal test for defamation in Canada and the US.
  • Identify illegal content for web sites.
  • Describe appropriate legal notices for limiting liability for various types of web sites.
  • Select the best causes of action for a particular hypothetical situation.
  • Conclude on the likely outcome of a cause of action.

Identify essential components of online contracts.

Determine, for a given set of facts, which jurisdiction applies.

Effective as of Winter 2008

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Cei Digital: Cyberlaw (180 Days)
Author Craig
Publisher Ph
Copyright 2013
Binding Digital Version
ISBN 978-0-13307-286-0
Price $34.95
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Author Craig
Publisher Pearson
Copyright 2013
Binding Paperback
ISBN 978-0-13256-087-0
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