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Dynamic, rewarding, and technologically advanced

Metal Fabrication is a dynamic and rewarding career. You will enjoy working with steel, aluminum and other exotic metals.

Work in a technologically advanced, diverse and team-based shop environment. You will learn to develop concepts and ideas into the fabricated legacies of the future.

You will earn an above average income in a shop or field location. Work near where you live; many fabricators find work near their place of residence. Fabricators are often the first hired and last laid off due to their training.

Our programs

The Metal Fabricator Foundation program prepares the student with the skills and training to commence employment in the trade. The student learns to fabricate projects from the ground up, applying theory and practice within a large, shop environment. The skills you will master are yours for life:

A student with safety glasses working on metal
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Metallurgy
  • Trade Math Structural Fabrication
  • Plate Fabrication Material Preparation and Finishing
  • Quality Control/inspection
  • Equipment Operation
  • Welding & Cutting
  • Material Handling
  • Forklift Operation
  • Emergency First Aid

Metal Fabricator Apprenticeship is designed for those personnel already actively working in the trade seeking a process for personal development, growth and challenge. This is a Red Seal Certified Interprovincial Trade which means once completed, it is transferable with you if you wish to travel and work outside the Province. All apprentices must fulfill their technical training at SkilledTradesBC approved Institutions. Program outlines are available from the SkilledTradesBC web site.

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