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English Language for Trades ACES 0200

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International Fees

International fees are typically three times the amount of domestic fees. Exact cost will be calculated upon completion of registration.

Course details

This eight-week training introduces technical language in an applied setting. Coursework will include both in-class theory and practical shop projects. The course work is designed so that each participant is able to learn and practice the technical literacy necessary for entrance into BCIT Trades and Technical Studies programs. This course also provides forklift operator training to those with little or no experience operating lift-trucks. Successful participants will receive Sit-Down Counterbalanced (Class 1, 4 and 5) Lift-Truck Operator Certification valid for two years. This program meets current WCB guidelines and CSA standards for Lift-Truck Operators.​


  • Program Head approval is required, please contact It is recommended that prior to starting this training students have completed one of the following: IELTS 4; TRPT 0011; CLBPT 4; CELPIP 4; TOEFL 30; CAEL 25; 50% in COMM 0033.



Not offered this term
This course is not offered this term. Please check back next term or subscribe to receive notifications of future course offerings and other opportunities to learn more about this course and related programs.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:​

  • Apply study skills
  • Develop safety awareness
    • Identify and comply with Occupational Health &Safety (OH&S) Regulations for shop situations
    • Apply general safety procedures including WHMIS, fire prevention and WorkSafeBC regulations
    • Identify and use personal protective equipment
  • Use drawings to:
    • Locate information
    • Identify and interpret manuals, parts diagrams, charts, graphs, and shop drawings
  • Identify general characteristics of metals
  • Identify and use fasteners and fittings
  • Identify and use shop tools including basic hand tools and power tools
  • Identify and use basic and precision measuring tools
    • Measure torque
    • Use calipers and micrometers
  • Describe and work with internal combustion four stroke engines
    • Describe exhaust and emissions
    • Describe heat, insulation, convection, conduction, radiation
    • Describe lubricants
    • Describe engine cooling systems
    • Describe fuel and induction systems
  • Explain electricity and electrical systems
    • Basic circuits, ohms law, alternating current, direct current
    • Use of digital multi-meters
  • WorkSafeBC Occupational First Aid Level 1 certification
    • Basic Life Support (CPR-A)
    • Small Wound Management
    • Critical airway, breathing and circulation interventions with C-spine management
  • Labour Market Research
    • Describe labour unions and labour organizations
    • Identify personal job wants and needs
    • Define occupational goals
    • Describe the trends affecting employment in the Canadian and British Columbia economies
    • Describe employer expectations and job satisfaction
    • Describe respect in the workplace
    • Describe how to maintain healthy customer and co-worker relations
    • Describe stress management techniques
    • Describe effective problem solving and decision making
    • Describe effective job-search strategies
    • Prepare a Resume
    • Prepare a Cover letter
    • Prepare a Reference Statement
    • Prepare a Thank you letter
  • Operate lift-trucks in a competent and safe manner within WCB Regulations.
    • Conduct pre-operation inspection,
    • Understand stability and tipping
  • Understand basic math concepts
    • Add and subtract fractions
    • Multiply and divide fractions
    • Solve word problems involving fractions
    • Apply key terms and concepts, including reading and writing decimals, rounding numbers, working with repeating decimals
    • Convert within the metric system
    • Convert units of length, mass, capacity and temperature between the metric and imperial systems
  • Understand the basic tools and principles of sheet metal
    • Use a Brake
    • Lay out for Sheet Metal Fabrication
    • Create a “Pittsburgh" edge
    • Use a spot welder
    • Use a Rotex punch machine
    • Operate plate shear
    • Use a squaring and electric shear
  • Understand basic principles of Carpentry
    • Safely and accurately use Carpentry hand tools
    • Understand safe use of a portable circular saw
    • Understand and complete basic framing layout and construction
    • Understand and follow construction jobsite safe work practices

Effective as of Winter 2023


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