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Critical Care Nursing Clinical 2 NSCC 7620

Nursing Specialty Critical Care Course

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Course details

This course occurs in an intensive care unit. Clinical practice experiences will build toward independence in providing nursing care for unstable* critically ill patients and/or patients experiencing complex critical illness**, as well as their families [e.g. multitrauma, spinal injury and traumatic brain injury, stroke and subarachnoid hemorrhage, and SIRS/sepsis/MODS, acute respiratory distress syndrome, and hepatic insufficiency and fluid/electrolyte/acid-base imbalances]. Relevant patients will be experiencing a variety of modes and issues related to mechanical ventilation, cardiac and invasive hemodynamic monitoring, a variety of diagnostic processes, and multiple interventions intended to optimize oxygen supply and demand balance. Primary patient issues will be present in more than one physiological system and will impact other systems. Learners will participate in a one day Lab focused on Cardiac Arrest Management: In team-based, high fidelity simulations, learners have an opportunity to explore common challenges in cardiac arrest management (including more complex patient scenarios, team roles and management, pitfalls in cardiac arrest management situations) and to consider the impact for nurses of participating in cardiac arrest management situations. While NSCC 7620 is generally a clinical teacher led course, in unique situations it is possible to complete this course as a preceptorship. [*Unstable patient is defined as "experiencing obvious and active changes in condition, but not extremely rapid change". **Complex patient is defined as "experiencing multi-system critical illness"]. Please note, learners must be Registered Nurses to take this course.


  • 75% in NSCC 7520
  • Completed clinical application and practicing RN license





Course offerings

Fall 2023

Below is one offering of NSCC 7620 for the Fall 2023 term.

CRN 42174


Tue Sep 05 - Fri Nov 24 (12 weeks)

  • 12 weeks
  • CRN 42174
  • $1227.22
Class meeting times
Dates Days Times Locations
Sep 05 - Nov 24 N/A N/A Other

Kristine Hughes

Course outline




Important information
  1. Clinical lab format.
  2. Departmental approval needed
  3. This course requires a completed clinical application and supporting documents prior to registering. The clinical application can be found in the Learning Hub for NSCC 7520. Please contact the Program Assistant at for a clinical application if you are not currently enrolled in NSCC 7520.

In Progress

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Learning Outcomes

As a healthcare practitioner, you are expected to follow professional standards of practice throughout all SN programs and courses. In this course, you will have opportunities to use the processes of critical thinking, systematic inquiry, communication, collaboration, leadership, professionalism, and clinical decision-making. Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Independently complete systematic comprehensive assessment of unstable (defined as “experiencing obvious and active changes in condition, but not extremely rapid change”) and/or complex (defined as “experiencing multi-system critical illness”), critically ill patients including data collected from patients and family, monitoring, and diagnostic processes.
  • Collaborate in nursing management of pulmonary artery pressure and intracranial pressure monitoring.
  • Demonstrate independent nursing management of unstable and/or complex critically ill patients experiencing mechanical ventilation.
  • Analyze collected data and form conclusions related to unstable and/or complex critically ill patients’ oxygen supply and demand balance and overall condition.
  • Prioritize concerns related to unstable* and/or complex** critically ill patients’ oxygen supply and demand balance.
  • Select, evaluate and provide rationale for therapeutic interventions intended to optimize oxygen supply and demand balance for unstable* and/or complex** critically ill patients.
  • Independently make clinical decisions for unstable* and/or complex** critically ill patients that reflect best practices and family centered care.
  • Independently provide safe, competent & ethical nursing care for unstable* and/or complex** critically ill patients.
  • Communicate effectively with critically ill patients, family members, and the health care team.
  • Engage in interdisciplinary collaboration with the health care team in planning and provision of care for unstable* and/or complex**, critically ill patients and families.
  • Reflect on ethical dimensions of critical care nursing practice.
  • Plan for, and actively engage in professional growth as a critical care nurse.

Effective as of Spring/Summer 2023

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