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Course details

This hands-on course expands on the skills and knowledge that gained in Adobe Illustrator 1 by using different tools, drop-down menus, and panels to create a more complex series of projects. To complete the projects, you will use a perspective grid for creating 3D artwork that fades to a vanishing point. You will create a clipping mask, rotate objects around a fixed point, create patterns, use different drawing modes, use the scissors tool to cut and join paths, use pathfinder tools to divide graphics, and transform and move objects precisely on both a horizontal and vertical axis point. You will work with live corners, use key objects for aligning graphics, create colour groups, and use brushes to paint and spray graphics for visual effects.




This course has been retired and is no longer offered. Find other Flexible Learning courses that may interest you.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course the student will be able to:

  • Create 3D artwork using a perspective grid that fades to a vanishing point.
  • Align and distribute multiple objects relative to each other using a key object.
  • Manipulate layers and sub-layers to arrange artwork.
  • Paint and spray objects on artwork with different brushes.
  • Demonstrate the use of the pathfinder tools including; unite, minus front, intersect, exclude, divide, trim, merge, crop, outline and minus back.
  • Create exact matches of paths using paste in front.
  • Globally change the fill and stroke, fill colour, stroke colour, stroke weight, and blending modes using different selection options.
  • Draw and paint graphics using a draw inside mode.
  • Average points mathematically on both a horizontal and vertical axis point.
  • Apply and adjust live corners to artwork.
  • Create new colour groups to organize and control colour use.
  • Transform objects using scale, rotate, reflection, and shear from a central reference point.

Effective as of Fall 2016

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