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The Academic Planning and Quality Assurance Office (APQA) works closely with Education Council (EdCo), with a focus on developing and maintaining high quality programs and ensuring effective educational policies.

APQA and EdCo set an annual schedule for program approval timelines [PDF] to guide program areas in planning their proposal submissions.

Education Council has established the following committees to facilitate Council business. APQA members serve as resource members on the committees as appropriate:

  • Programming Committee – reviews all proposals for new programs and major changes, and makes recommendations to EdCo
  • Policy Committee – reviews all new and revised educational policies and associated procedures, and makes recommendations to EdCo
  • Executive Committee – coordinating committee for all EdCo activities
  • Education Technology and Learning Design Sub-Committee – provides strategic guidance and recommendations regarding the implementation and use of educational technology

Key information on EdCo (including members, Bylaws, meeting minutes, etc.) can be found on the EdCo site.