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Over 10,000 students have learned web coding at BCIT.

BCIT Computing courses are delivered face to face in classrooms at our Burnaby and Downtown locations.

Applied Web Development, AWD focuses on using industry standard methods and scripting tools to plan, document, design and build commercial-quality web pages and web sites with the most popular current technologies.

Students learn hand coding in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. There is also a focus on relational database and business analysis and systems design in the core, along with the creation and use of graphic elements.

Electives include IT project management, writing for the web, PHP, XML, Google Analytics, 3D Modelling, UX/UI Development and Mobile Apps.

Web Development Fundamentals is a Statement of Completion and a a sub-set of AWD. You may finish these web coding foundation courses in only 12 weeks depending on the delivery options you choose. Then continue to complete the AWD core and electives as your time permits.

Web and Mobile Application Development is aimed at Object Oriented programmers wanting to develop actual software apps that run on web sites and mobile devices.

This is a second level associate certificate, students must have Java or C# coding experience, as well as business analysis and systems design, plus HTML5 and CSS3 experience prior to starting this credential.

There is a focus on advanced hand coding: HTML5, CSS3, XML, Advanced PHP as well as AngularJS and Node.js, in conjunction with ASP.NET and Java Web Application Design.

Electives include: Android Mobile Application Development, iOS application development and building Java web apps and using ASP.NET MVC.

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