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A Career in Electronics Awaits!

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BCIT offers a great range of career paths in the exciting field of Electronics. With successful completion of the Electronics Common Core program students have the flexibility of preparing for careers in electronics as: Telecommunications Technician or Wireless Communications Technician.

No matter which career path you choose, your education and training at BCIT will open the door to exciting jobs, solving a wide range of technical problems in diverse industry settings.

Notice: These three programs are being restructured into a single two-year program. The proposed program is a diploma in Telecommunication Systems Technician. The program will have two options – Telecommunications Networks and Radio Systems. It will retain most of the curriculum from the current programs while adding additional instruction in computer networking and communications.

For the September 2018 intake, prospective students will continue to apply to the Electronics Technician Common Core. Near the end of the first year of studies, students will be able to express their preference for a second year option.

Summary of programs

The Electronics Technician Common Core program is the springboard to a variety of exciting careers in electronics. Through theoretical and practical study, you will develop the skills needed to install, maintain and repair electronic circuits and equipment. You can complete your training by becoming an electronics specialist and earn a Diploma in one of the technician programs outlined below.

The Telecommunications Technician program emphasizes hands-on, practical training with equipment encountered in the telecommunications industry. Students in the Telecommunications Technician program learn job skills that are directly transferable to jobs in industry. The labs are equipped with modern equipment that is currently used in industry. Fiber Optics, Data Communications, VoIP Communications, Telephone Switching Systems and RF basics are some of the areas students will explore.

The Wireless Communications Technician program will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to work with radio frequency (RF) electronics equipment. It is the only program of its kind in British Columbia. Through theoretical and practical study, you will develop the skills needed to install, maintain and repair RF and related electronics equipment. The program emphasizes hands-on, practical training using equipment typically encountered in industry.

Check out our programs for a career in electronics that is just right for you!