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Fall 2020 Delivery Mode: ONLINE
  • These programs will be delivered online for the fall semester.
  • Your education is our priority and we will continue to deliver the applied instruction, collaborative experience, and industry connections that you expect from BCIT.

The following 3 applied data technology related programs from BCIT Computing Part-time Studies are sub-sets of the CST/PTS Diploma.

For general use:

Applied Computer Information Systems
, ACIS provides a hands-on introduction to using and managing applications and IT systems.

ACIS is the second step in the CST/PTS Diploma and includes required courses from the Computer Systems Certificate, CSC; object oriented programming, web development, math, database and communications.

Students are provided with the technical foundations for managing files and installing software on a network plus proficiency in using office applications. ACIS is aimed at two audiences: individuals currently working in information systems with no formal credentials, and those interested in a foundation before moving on to higher education in computing.

Students working toward the CSC should select electives accordingly, as not all ACIS electives count toward CSC. Graduates will have acquired a solid understanding of the technical foundations of information systems, and may decide to move on to the laddered credential path to CST/PTS Diploma or complete ADAD and ADAC.

For DBA's:

Applied Database Administration and Design, ADAD covers the development and design of database management systems and business intelligence (BI) tools. This program includes core courses from the CSC plus a variety of industry electives including data visualization.

Students are provided with a technical computer science foundation in relational database/SQL, as well as systems analysis and design. ADAD is aimed at two audiences: those who want to design, develop, and install database servers, as well as manage administrative policies; and those who want to explore the latest data mining and BI tools.

Students are able to develop integrated database and BI technologies to industry standards for scalable and secure database information systems. ADAD graduates have very good career prospects in Database Administration and BI plus also have significant course credits toward ADAC.

For data analysts:

Applied Data Analytics Certificate
, ADAC is built on top of ADAD, with focus on data analysis using Excel, SQL, Python, R and statistics along with BI tools for data-driven decision making. Core courses include: statistics for data analytics, data visualization, IT security, Internet and IT Law, and an introduction to Big Data.

Students are provided with the technical foundations to keep up with changes in data technologies and future business intelligence trends. ADAC is aimed at those who want to develop, build, and use data analytics systems.

Participants have over a dozen elective courses and tools to choose from to enhance evidence-based decision making. Graduates will be able to design and build data analytics systems to help organizations across all sectors make informed and actionable decisions.

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